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The UNITECH International Society was founded in 2000 for the academic and corporate worlds to jointly develop a group of talented young engineers to enable them to successfully manage future challenges in global industry and to help bridge the gap between the corporate and academic world. UNITECH also provides a platform for networking and exchange of ideas. UNITECH has succeeded in providing an opportunity for multinational companies to get in contact at an early stage with talented engineers who come from many different cultural backgrounds and who share an interest in a future career in management.


A world that addresses and solves current global and future unexpected challenges by developing talented professionals, who will be equipped with the skills and maturity to collaborate across disciplines & ecosystems, and to exhibit leadership to create a positive impact on organisations, society, the environment and drive the sustainability agenda


We develop the next generation of diverse engineering leaders who collaborate, challenge, inspire individuals and ecosystems, and innovate to positively impact organisations, society and the environment. We do this through a trusted collaboration across our ecosystem of Academic and Corporate Partners, Alumni and Students. We work, innovate and learn together as we tackle complex topics that affect the world, and propose workable solutions 

UNITECH at a glance

UNITECH International develops high-performing MSc engineering graduates who have enhanced global awareness, advanced practical capabilities and a solid technical base that prepares them well for a career anywhere in the world. The potential of UNITECH students and alumni is cultivated to reach a high level of practical ability.

The success of UNITECH International is achieved through functioning as a symbiotic network of three categories of members:

  • Participating companies are not merely sponsors of UNITECH International, but much more its partners.
    As partners, they assume an active role in the training and education by offering students challenging internships in business and actively taking part in building up as well as developing UNITECH International.
    The corporate partners also have to meet a demanding profile as regards their international presence and position in the market for inclusion in the UNITECH network.
  • A small group of reputable technical universities guarantees "engineering excellence".
    Founding partners are: ETH Zurich, Politecnico di Milano, RWTH Aachen, TU Delft and Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona.
    These universities have committed themselves to establishing a network with UNITECH International that goes far beyond conventional programmes
  • Consisting of graduates from the UNITECH Programme Not only are superior academic achievements expected of students during basic studies, but their Professional and personal attitudes and capabilities also have to meet high requirements.
    A careful selection process ensures that this challenging profile is fulfilled.

At the core of the UNITECH International Society Network are its four key value areas, through which we seek to add value to our members and to the wider world:

  • Enhancing Stakeholder Interaction, both inter- and intra- stakeholder groups in order to optimise the diversity and strengths of each
  • Driving Talent Development – primarily of interns and graduates for recruitment, and also of all stakeholder groups in continuing education
  • Extending Corporate Social Responsibility - within the UNITECH Network and in its interface with Europe and beyond
  • Optimising Diversity and Inclusion – sustaining and developing the inherent ethnic, gender and generational diversity of the UNITECH Network


Dear students for any other questions regarding your special situation please send us an email to: office@unitech-international.org


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