2020 Symposium

From March 20, 20:30 until March 22, 14:00


On the 20-22 March of 2020 the UAA Symposium will take place in London, UK. The UAA symposium is the event to reconnect with fellow alumni and experience again the energizing feeling of being surrounded by passionate, open-minded, doer-attitude UNITECHers. UNITECH is celebrating its 20 years anniversary next year, and with the UAA Symposium being one of the events were more generations of UNITECHers are present, the opportunity to be inspired by people at different career steps and contrasting career journeys is huge! This year a new team will be organizing the symposium, supported by the UAA Council. Warm welcome to Lauren Teague and Samantha O'Connor Balsillie, UNITECHers from 2018! We are excited to announce the topic for the UAA Symposium 2020: ‘You as a catalyst for change - from small actions to groundbreaking initiatives, how can we contribute to climate action?' Creative personal actions applicable to the workplace and everyday life. How we as individuals can contribute to climate action not only on a private level but also public and within our companies. Focus on no boundaries and new innovative ideas as to challenge the status quo and inspire the people around us We are very excited to be tackling a topic as current as climate action with such a passionate group as the the UNITECH Alumni! Whether you are in a leadership role, an entrepreneur, part of a relevant network, and individual climate action enthusiast... this Symposium is for you.


  • All UNITECH network, plus guests

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