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Corporate Partners' Fair

The Corporate Partners (CPs) Fair brings together CPs and students. 

This is an opportunity to promote your organization, identify profiles and contact potential interns. Each CP will be provided with a booth, which they may equip with posters or memorabilia to share with students. 

Please consider sustainability aspect when preparing for the event. 

Career Interviews

Career Interviews are an opportunity for the CPs to select UNITECH students, graduates and alumni for internships and permanent employment positions in their organization.

Poster Walls

Loughborough team will provide a poster wall for the Corporate Partners Fair. They come in a set of three connected boards, each individual board being 1 m x 1.6 m. See poster wall example here

Posters in the sizes up to A0 can be attached either by drawing pins.



One table (size of 1 m x 0.9 m) and up to four chairs (if required) are available per Corporate Partner. Please let us know if you need more tables.

Should you need to send anything in advance for the Corporate Partners Fair, please send it to:

Lindsay Hendricks (for collection at Mailroom)

Loughborough University

Ashby Road

Herbert Manzoni Building


LE11 3TU


Once items have been posted could you please send a short email notification to Claire Thorpe and Lindsay Hendricks to informing them about the package. Please include your name, company name and the date when your package was sent. 


Corporate Partners can request up to 3 tables (size of 0.6 m x 0.9 m) and 4 chairs for the Career Interviews. For the general setup, you can expect a poster wall dividing the tables.

Please inform Zydrune Jaskauskaite at how many tables you will need for the Career Interviews.  


Have more questions? 

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