UNITECH Corporate Partner Advantage

UNITECH: A network of professional possibilities

Gain Advantage on Two Levels

Engage with the Programme

  • Assessment centers
  • Start-up Week (August/September)
  • Mid-Term Week (January)
  • Internship
  • End-of-Year-Event (August/September)

Connect with the network

  • May meetings
  • Genral Assebly (August/September)
  • UAA Events
  • Individual connections

Key Opportunities for Interaction

Assessment Center

  • Students - from the very start
  • Other Corporate Partners
  • Academic Partners
  • UAA local chapters

Start-up Week

  • Ideas fair
  • Coffee breaks
  • Corporate partner presentation

Mid-Term Week

  • Case assignment
  • Coffee breaks, lunches and dinners
  • Corporate partner presentation


  • 3 to 6 months
  • International aspect
  • Challenging assignment

End-of-year event

  • Stakeholders` fair
  • Buffet lunch
  • Pre-selection interviews

UNITECH Programme overview for Students

Home University

  • Current engineering studies
  • Assessment Centre


Host University

  • Academic exchange - continue engineering studies, add busniness studies
  • Studies in a second language


Corporate Partner

  • Internationl internship
  • Work in a second language


Home University

  • Complete engineering degree



  • Potenial employment with Corporate Partner

Coaching: focus philosophy

During the modules we focus on:

  • Develop ability to have early professional impact
  • "Standings out while fitting in"
  • Increasing speed of adjustment to diffrent people and situations
  • Developing personal leadership skills and style

UNITECH coaches work with this philosophy:

  • Simple sort activities offering multiple learning opportunities
  • Encouraging development through reflection
  • Giving constrative feedback with empathy

Coaching Themes in Joint Module 1


Strengthen Diversity!

Examine and emphasise diversise resoures in group


Skill yourself up!

Core Relationbal skills for dealing with people



Form the Group!

Exercises that emphasise and define group working skills and dynamics



Plan to work

Focusing and priortising time and talent in order to complate a task


Work to paln!

Putting it all into action in preparing for a group task


Make things happen!

Group work on the task

Delivering the task to real clients


Set up your UNITECH Year!

Coaching Themes in Joint Module 2


Reform the group!

Gettings focused on the single task of the case Assignment


Work to plan!

Puttings it all into action in preparings for meeting the Case Assignment clients


Testing your assumptions

Presenting your strategy and intent to the case Assignment clients


Plan the work

Focusing and prioritiesing time ans talent to complete the case Assignment


Make things happen!

Developing the solution to the case Assignment for the Case Assignment clients

The case Assignment is completed by the group, who work virtually after the second module to deliver a report, which is assessed and graded for credit points towards gradutaions

Coaching Themes in Joint Module 3


Who are you now?

  • Participatring in guided reflection on the impact of their exchange and internship experience
  • Sharing best practices


Make things happen through dailogue!

Developing refined, persuasive communication skills


Next steps in the networks!

Preparing indivisuals for career marketability and Alumnni membership

The Wide and Varied UNITECH network

47 active students 2011/2012

80 students 2012/2013

More than 300 active Alumni

9 Academic partners

19 Corporate Partners

The Driving Forces BehindUNITECH

..a rapidly changing environment demands broader skill from tomorrow's engineers

Corporate Partner Membership in UNITECH brings benefits to a company in the three key areas of stakeholder interaction

Interaction with students and alumni

Interaction with students and alumni


  1. Each student on the UNITECH programme must complete an internship with a Corporate Partner company. These internships must be for at least 3 months, and must be located outside the student’s home country and first language.
  2. There is no fixed allocation or quota to limit a Corporate Partner in the number of interns they draw from UNITECH in a given year. There are 18 Corporate Partners and we aim to have around 80 students on the programme each year. Corporate Partner companies who have a strong internship strategy take full advantage of this – one Corporate Partner having 17 UNITECH interns among the 45 interns it employed last year.
  3. Access to interns is through several channels:
    1. There is an exclusive online UNITECH internship market.
    2. There are interview arranged specifically to explore internship.
    3. There are events organised during the student’s one year.
    4. The UNITECH Office works with a Corporate Partner and with opportunities formally. programme where Corporate Partners and students meet to discuss internship possibilities informallythe students to broker appropriate and useful internships.


  1. Corporate Partners are encouraged to provide the Case Assignments that the students work on as part of their UNITECH year.
  2. These cases contain real issues, challenges and questions that the Corporate Partner is facing in their company.
  3. The students bring their enthusiastic and innovative perspective to the case, giving the Corporate Partner a distinct, fresh and independent consultancy benefit through a formal Case Assignment Report.

Assessment Centres

  1. Corporate Partners provide assessors to the process of student selection onto the UNITECH programme. This enables a company to influence the calibre and capabilities of the pool of potential interns and employees we develop.
  2. Attending an Assessment Centre as an assessor gives a Corporate Partner company access to students at the very start of their UNITECH experience. The resulting “imprinting” often forms the beginnings of a long term professional relationship. There are many cases where a UNITECH graduate is working for a Corporate Partner because “they interviewed me at the Assessment Centre, they impressed me and we have been talking since then”.

Pre-selection Interviews

  1. At the end of a student’s UNITECH year we arrange interviews with Corporate Partners as a part of the General Assembly Week. In these interviews the key topic is the evaluation of potential interns for Corporate Partner internships and of alumni for potential positions.
  2. Corporate Partners invite targeted students and alumni to discuss their potential and to offer internship and job opportunities.
  3. The students apply to their choice of Corporate Partners to explore internship, and possible employment, opportunities.

UNITECH Alumni Association

  1. The Alumni Association (UAA) is a well-managed and Corporate Partner-facing organisation.
  2. The UAA has an active job market dedicated to UNITECH on its website. Here Corporate Partners and Alumni can begin the discussion of employment to specific positions in Corporate Partner companies.
  3. Membership in the UAA extends back over 13 years, giving it a deep range of members with extended professional experience. Many Corporate Partners recruit alumni who are ready for their second or third career step.
  4. The UAA holds international and local events for its members, to which Corporate Partners are welcomed. In these less formal but business oriented events Corporate Partners build and develop individual contacts and interactions.

Interaction with Academic Partner Universities

Interaction with Academic Partner Universities

All our Academic Partners see UNITECH as an excellent opportunity to interact with industry through our Corporate Partners

  1. UNITECH interact with its Academic Partners at the highest level. In each of our Partner universities it is the Rector or Chancellor with whom we connect.
  2. UNITECH activities within an Academic Partner University are driven by a Programme Director, each of whom is a key figure in the engineering field within the university and, in most case, in the broader engineering community.
  3. Corporate Partners have, through UNITECH, direct and frequent access to these key figures, as shown below:
Academic Partner UNITECH Programme Director
ETH Zurich, Switzerland Chair of Product Development and Engineering (Institute of Design, Materials and Fabrication)
Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden Head of Materials and Manufacturing Technology
RWTH Aachen, Germany Head of Department and Director of Institute for Textile Technology and mechanical Engineering
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Head of Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
Loughborough University, England Senior Lecturer in Geomechanics / Admissions Tutor: Civil Engineering / International-Erasmus Coordinator
Politecnico di Milano, Italy Associate Professor of Business Management and Organization and Purchasing Management, Rector's Delegate for Politecnico di Milano relations in Western Europe, Director of MBA Programs, and Vice President Academic Partners at UNITECH.
TU Delft Head of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
INSA Lyon Vice-President for International Affairs

Interaction with other Corporate Partners

Interaction with other Corporate Partners

  1. The approval of membership by other Corporate Partners allows for an open environment where the sharing and exchange of business issues and the expertise to solve them can take place in a non-competitive environment.
  2. Events are organised within the UNITECH programme to facilitate Corporate Partner to Corporate Partner interactions.
  3. Corporate Partners share their UNITECH experience and expertise in order to optimise benefits from UNITECH membership.
  4. Corporate Partners share information about, and impressions of, UNITECH students and alumni in order to enhance the ability to make good intern and hiring selections.

Current UNITECH Corporate Partners

By engaging in these interactions Corporate Partners can fully optimise their UNITECH membership.

The structure, organisation and operation of UNITECH are set up to offer distinct opportunities to its stakeholders. The degree of benefit to a company in each area is determined in great part by that company’s degree of involvement and participation in the opportunities that UNITECH provides.

UNITECH’s policy is to be distinctive by being selective

The selective nature of the organisation is achieved through the following criteria:

  • We select only one Academic Partner university per country
  • A company selected for Corporate Partner membership is approved by existing Corporate Partners
  • Only high grade Students are invited to apply as candidates from each Academic Partner universities
  • Candidates are only selected onto the UNITECH programme through a rigorous assessment centre based process which has Corporate Partner assessors

The calibre of UNITECH students and alumni is developed to a high level of practical ability

The aim is to provide the Corporate Partner with a two-fold advantage in selecting a UNITECH student or alumni for internship or employment:

  1. The UNITECH student or alumni has the attitude and capabilities to add value to the Corporate Partner at a very early stage.
    Their core engineering education and experience is enhanced by their ability to implement that knowledge practically.
    This dual capability enables them to perform usefully much more quickly and much deeper in the Corporate Partner’s organisation and business.
  2. The coaching during the UNITECH programme develops the student’s ability to “stand out while fitting in”.
    They leave the programme with the skills and sensitivity needed to apply their expertise appropriately and effectively within existing teams in the Corporate Partner company.

The high calibre of a UNITECH student and alumni is achieved by selecting only those candidates who show capabilities and potential in the core competencies shown below, and then, through the UNITECH Programme, adding highly developed sensitivity and skills in those competency areas to an excellent engineering degree from a top class university.

The UNITECH Core Assessment Competencies

    • The candidate realises opportunities and is ready to take the necessary actions/initiatives to exploit them
    • The candidate can provide clear evidence of having sought and acted upon opportunities in the past
    • The candidate is curious about other cultures and critically questions prejudices
    • He/she is tolerant and open minded and has been seeking contact with other cultures in the past
    • This curiosity extends beyond national culture to other areas of diversity (gender, age, professional disciplines etc.)
    • The candidate appreciates the challenges of working on problems in teams
    • He/she is sensitive towards other people’s interests and expectations
    • The candidate is eager to give input as well as to learn from others
    • The candidate can bring a message across clearly and convincingly
    • He/she listens actively and shows a concern for clarity
    • The candidate adapts the way of communication to the needs of the situation, and the others involved in that situation
    • The candidate is able to discuss and reflect on his/her actions and behaviour and the way these come across to others
    • The candidate shows that he/she has learned from past experiences
    • The candidate shows a clear desire to learn and develop
    • In the past he/she has shown to be open for new experiences and broadening his/her horizon is a clear objective

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