Mid Term Week 2020 - Information for Corporate Partners, Case Advisors and Visitors

From January 07, until January 10,


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The Mid Term Week centres around, and is driven by, Case Assignments provided by our Corporate Partners. These assignments are drawn from the regular business activities of the companies and are set to produce a specific deliverable that can be used by the company in its strategic thinking or its operational improvement.

The students work under great pressure – a combination of time limitations, their perfectionism and their own performance expectations. The coaching team guide them through the process they discovered and developed in the first module – form the group, plan the work and then work the plan – as they apply it to a real and meaningful actual application.

From Wednesday onwards they are joined by Corporate Case Advisors – people from the corporate partner companies who “own” the assignment and its outcome internally in their companies. The relations between student and corporate partner in this phase of the programme – partly that of supplier/client, partly that of cooperation – leads to the most intense interaction and lasting connections are made during this week.On Friday of this week the students make presentations, and answer questions from theirs and other Case Advisors. The student presentations are intended to provide a status report and a projection of what will be in their final report to the Case Advisors when it is delivered two months later.


Who can attend

  • Programme Participants 2019 (compulsory module - no registration required)
  • Corporate Partners Case Advisors & Visitors 

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