Annual Reunion 2011, Gothenburg

02 Sep 2011 in Alumni by Roman Stiehl

Annual Reunion 2011, Gothenburg

August 25th-27th, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Annual Reunion marks the moment of the year, when the entire network comes together to welcome the new students, celebrate the graduates and keep the network active and alive. This year, the Annual Reunion took place from August 25th to 27th at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. For the UAA, this was and is an important event, because it offers us the possibility to present ourselves to the various stakeholders of UNITECH. This year we used the opportunity to

  • Talk to the corporate partner and academic partners, especially the new ones, and encourage them to join the 2012 Symposium
  • Discuss within the various UTI meetings the future of UNITECH
  • Present our work and the future plans to the General Assembly
  • Offer Alumni the chance to join the events, including the Gala Dinner
  • And of course ensure the fun and social part of the week with the UAA party on Friday night and the Social Programme on Saturday.

The most official part for the UAA is the General Assembly, which has to be held according to our constitution. This year, this meeting saw one of the first real elections for a council position. The new council now consists of:

  • Roman Stiehl, President
  • Therese Johannson, Vice-President
  • Matteo Colombo, Financial Officer
  • Marta Serrabou, Communications Officer
  • Jona Hampe, Local Chapter Coordination Officer
  • Laura Ramperez, International Sessions Officer

In addition, the General Assembly appointed three new Honorary Members. This is an honour that is given to “special benefactors, whom the Associaion would like to thank for their outstanding commitment to the development and growth of the UNITECH network". We understand this as a contribution that goes beyond the job profile and shows great passion for UNITECH. The following three people have surely shown these qualities in the past years:

  • Ernst Schmachtenberg, former President of UNITECH International and rector of RWTH Aachen
  • Gerhard Warnick, former treasurer of UNITECH International
  • Emma Zeisberger, current UNITECH Programme manager

We would like to congratulate them and look forward to a new level of cooperation with them. After the official part with the General Assembly and the Gradutation Ceremony, it was time for celebrations and relaxing. The UAA tradionally organises a party on Friday night for everybody attending the Gala Dinner. We did so also in Gothenburg and were happy to see many people enjoying themselves on the dancefloor and at the bar. To close the intense days, we also organised a social programme on Saturday with a long brunch, a trip to the achipelago and a closing dinner back in Gothenburg. Despite the rainy weather, many people joined and enjoyed a very relaxed day and night. You can find all the pictures of the days in Gothenburg here.

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