LUC Germany Assessment Center Training

07 Feb 2011 in Alumni by Florian Garms

LUC Germany Assessment Center Training

January 26th, 2011: Aachen

After promoting UNITECH at RWTH in November, the LUC Germany continued to support the UNITECH application process by offering an assessment center training to UNITECH applicants and its members. In front of round about 20 interested listeners Christian Wilms and Florian Garms presented general information about what are the goals of an assessment center and how that reflects on the tasks given to the participants. After some introductory remarks by RWTH academic coordinator Prof. Malte Brettel the presenters gave their personal insight in general preparation that helps to reduce nervousness and to ensure self confidence during an assessment center.

Following the general remarks detailed tasks within an assessment center where discussed; group discussion, presentation and interview. Group discussions can be started with different topics. However no matter if the group is discussing a hypothesis, developing a solution or evaluating a situation from a different perspective in a role play situation, a result which reflects a group consensus is the desired outcome of the group work during an assessment center. To give the participants an idea of difficulties which can occur within the group process depending on the group composition two different examples where discussed within the group. One of which focused on dealing with a lack of initiative to collaborate and while the other one tackled the problem of dealing with a group full off highly motivated alpha players. The discussion was enriched by the personal experience of the workshop leaders.

Regarding the presentation basic topics such as presentation structure and story telling via action title where briefly addressed. The main focus was put on the situation of presenting with a flip chart and how that is best adapted in the personal presentation style. Different from using a projector using a flip chart does not allow an instant slide change, only provides limited space to present ideas in a readable font size and requires a clear handwriting. Via a demonstration dealing with these challenges this was shown to the participants with special emphasize on how to manage a fluent chart transition without losing eye contact or on how to talk to the chart and not to the audience. The presentation section was closed with advice on gesture, mimic and posture during a presentation.

The training was closed with a section on how to prepare for an assessment center interview. Within this section the general interview situation was discussed and the importance of the non verbal communication during an assessment center was emphasized.After the closing remarks the participants where very pleased and the event was a great success.

 Florian Garms & Christian Wilms

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