LUC Germany: Summer Barbecue

01 Aug 2011 in Alumni by Jona Hampe

LUC Germany: Summer Barbecue

August 1st, Aachen, Germany

For the last event in the 2010/2011 term, some weeks before the GA in Gothenburg takes place, the LUC Germany gathered for a summer barbecue event. Around 20 people joined this evening in Manuel Opitz (student of 2011) garden.

Just like Manuel, other outgoings of this year met with UNITECH students of last year, who just came back to Aachen with a backpack full of experience, and, of course, UAA members of many different years. The UNITECH spirit was fostered by the idea that everybody contributed with something home-made: Salads as a side dish for the sausages and meat, some bread or delicious desserts.

We started at 7 pm and where lucky that the weather was just perfect for this evening: Not as bad as in the weeks before, making it a real summer evening. Quickly everybody who signed up and even some spontaneous attendees showed up and then gathered around the grill, the tables and benches. We fired up the big barbecue grill and enjoyed the meat with the bread and salads. The open atmosphere made it possible to talk to everyone and to share UNITECH experience. The outgoings had the chance to ask their last questions, the outgoings from last year shared their fresh experience and made everyone jealous and the UAA members answered last minute UNITECH related questions. Enjoying the desserts many of us stayed far into the night.

This evening made us realize that the long summer barbecue tradition in the LUC Germany should and hopefully will go on for many years. See flickr gallery

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