LUC Germany: Welcome Skittles with New Students

08 Jul 2011 in Alumni by Jona Hampe

LUC Germany: Welcome Skittles with New Students

April 4th: Aachen, Germany

To welcome the outgoing students the LUC Aachen organized a night of skittles at a local pub. After introducing the UAA to the students and informing them about our activities, we started to play skittles. Skittles is a game similar to bowling however there are slight differences. The ball is smaller and does not have holes.

This in combination with only 9 pins makes skittles rather challenging as we discovered while playing. Being a very traditional game in Germany there a many ways to play skittles, each requiring different group sizes and objectives. The group was mixed a lot during the different games and conversations around the different host universities, the joint modules, accommodation and all the other exiting questions everyone has when starting UNITECH began.

Besides playing skittles and getting to know the new outgoings we had a special guest that night. The new Academic Coordinator Prof. Gries from the textile institute ITA joint us for the evening. Besides introducing himself he saved the night by fearlessly climbing into the pin set up machine and repairing it. (We herewith thank you once again Prof. Gries)

The skittles night was a lot of fun, triggered good conversations and got the new outgoings connected to the UAA. In fact they are already getting involved and supporting the upcoming LUC Aachen Summer Barbecue by providing the location.

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