LUC Sweden February Event

03 Feb 2010 in Alumni by Jona Hampe

LUC Sweden February Event

February 3rd, Gothenburg

In February, LUC Sweden met for the third quarterly event of the LUC year 2009/2010. Eleven alumni enjoyed an evening of great conversation and exotic drinks at the cozy Lotus Bar. And true to tradition, the night did not turn out exactly as planned. For those of you who have been unable to attend, here is a short summary of the unexpected twists of previous events. At the first event, the alumni were greeted by the sound check before a heavy metal rock concert. Thus, alumni shared a chilly evening on the outdoor terrace. During the second event, the promised after-work food did not materialize and was replaced by peanuts and chips. Surely, the third event must be the charm. What else could possibly go wrong?

The third event in February had its own unexpected surprise. One hour before the alumni were supposed to meet, chapter coordinator Therese Johansson received a call from the manager of Lotus Bar. The manager informed her that there would be a show in the bar that evening and offered to reserve a table at another bar. Suspecting that few people would check their emails before joining the event, Therese agreed with the manager that the alumni did not have to pay for the ticket and that the group would move up to the second floor once the show started. Despite not being able to see the show, the alumni enjoyed the music and the periodical comical interruptions of a theater lady who dramatically asked the group to “Please be quiet, there is a show going on downstairs!”

Please stay tuned to see what unexpected complications the fourth LUC Sweden event has to offer

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