LUC Switzerland: Welcome Event

14 May 2011 in Alumni by Silvan Tschopp

LUC Switzerland: Welcome Event

May 24th: Zurich

On Tuesday, May 24th, the LUC Switzerland experienced a welcome event in a double sense: Firstly, it was about welcoming the newly selected students from ETH to the UAA and the local chapter. Secondly, Gil Fischer and Silvan Tschopp took the chance to introduce themselves as the new LCCs as they took over this position ad interim in spring 2011.

For this occasion, a cozy wine tavern in the heart of Zurich has been chosen to meet for a drink or two. The “Oepfelchammere” (apple chamber) has been a very traditional place in town for more than 200 years and hosted famous people from all over the world. It is important to follow the strict house rules (see [in German only]), otherwise the waiter won’t be your friend…

The highlight of every visit at the “Oeli” is clearly the so called “Balkenprobe”. Everyone brave enough needs to pull himself up onto a beam (at about 1.9m) and has to squeeze his body underneath the ceiling to next beam. Once this – clearly most difficult part – is accomplished, the waiter offers a full glass of white wine that has to been drunk while hanging head-front from the ceiling…

Even though none of us managed to pass this challenge – neither in sober state nor after one, two glasses of wine – the evening was a great success. Thanks to everybody for joining!

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