UAA Strategy Task Force - do we have the right Strategy?

10 Feb 2010 in Alumni by Jona Hampe

UAA Strategy Task Force - do we have the right Strategy?

After more than ten years since the first students joined the UNITECH program, the UNITECH Alumni Association (UAA) has grown into a community of more than 400 members. Most of its members are not students anymore. From a small group of students, or recent graduates, the association has evolved into a real community, made of people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and, especially, with different experiences, interests and developed skills.

Did the scope of the association and its activities and services evolve with the community and the people? Should we continue on the road we have followed for the last years? Or do we need to change and adapt to the identified variety of our members?

That\'s what the UAA Council and the Local Chapter Coordinators (LCCs) are trying to determine. We established a team back in October, called Strategic Task Force (STF), which is dedicated to this topic.

The main goal of the STF is to find out how to improve the services and activities the association provides to its members. In order to do so, the team has to interact with all categories of people that are involved, directly or not, with the association. In few words: who are the main stakeholders of the association and what are their interests? What do they look for when they get in touch with UAA? What can we give to them and how can they contribute to the UAA? Those are not easy questions and most of the answers differ depending on who you ask.

What the STF team is doing right now is getting in touch with the different stakeholders: UAA Members and Honorary Alumni, as well as current and former students, Corporate and Academic Partners and, last but not least, the UNITECH office and the UNITECH Council.

Everyone in the team is dedicating time and effort in talking to people, getting their opinion, sharing ideas. The goal is to collect all feedback in one single overview in order to see if the current organization is matching the members' needs. If not, let's change strategy and let the Association evolve to be an even stronger community!

If you're interested in participating or want to know more about this initiative, don't hesitate to contact us at You can also expect regular information about our activities in this respect through our main communication channels (website, newsletter, sessions, twitter, emails…).

You can also have a look at the questionnaire the team is using as guideline when collecting people's feedback here!

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