UTI Mid-Term-Week in Delft

06 Jan 2010 in Alumni by Roman Stiehl

UTI Mid-Term-Week in Delft

Delft January 6th to 8th

This year's Mid-Term-Week for the current UNITECH students was hosted by TU Delft at the beginning of January. As every year, several Corporate Partners gave the students some case studies to think about and create new ideas. This year they were joined by the UNITECH International (UTI) office, who gave out a case about the brand "UNITECH". What is its value, its core competence and how can it be improved?

Since UTI and the UAA are both part of UNITECH, the UAA also played a role in this assignment. Therefore we supported the groups by distributing a survey among the Alumni and were also interested in the results. Over Christmas the idea came up to go to Delft in person and see, which ideas the students would come up with. Spontaneously, Marta and Roman decided to take that chance and went to Delft.

On Wednesday they presented the UAA and also the work of the Strategy Task Force to the students and also got some feedback on it (you can find our presentation here: www.unitech-alumni.org/documents/2010-01-presentation-to-students.pdf and the questionnaire used for our strategy anlysis here: www.unitech-alumni.org/documents/2009-12-stf-questionnaire.pdf). But even more interesting were the presentations in Friday. The students really put a lot of effort into their projects and the results were impressive. Congratulations! Friday night, the Local Chapter Netherland organized a party for the students to bring their week to a good end.

We are glad that we took the opportunity to promote the UAA not only among the currents students, but also among the Corporate Partners. As always, it was great fun to be in and work together with the UNITECH network. A big THANKS goes to Martin and Aleks, who made these last-minute changes possible despite an already packed schedule.

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