Talent at Evonik

26 Feb 2015 in Corporate Partners by Daniel K. Berndt

Talent at Evonik

Interview with Anne McCarthy, Head of Employer Branding, about talent attraction, recruitment and development.

- How do you look for talented employees outside of your company?
Evonik works closely together with partner Universities to get to know students early on in their careers and give them a chance to get to know opportunities at Evonik and what it would be like to work with us. In addition to our University Relations strategy Evonik is connected to several student networks to which we hold a sustainable relationship. We support them with workshops, coaching, internships and accompany students on their professional journey. These networks are often a source to identify new employees.

- How do you attract new talent?
We take the time to share our strong beliefs about “Exploring opportunities. Growing together.” Opportunities at Evonik involve the most diverse and challenging tasks, developing new skills and discovering new ways of doing things – professionally and personally. And we focus on close collaboration in international teams – making individual success a success for all.
All this embedded in a highly innovative environment and locations all over the globe make us a unique place to cultivate new talent. We also offer a wide range of touch points to get to know us. We are convinced that personal contact is always the best way to explore Evonik and to learn more about the mutual fit to create your career with us.

- What qualities do you look for in potential employees?
Ambition, teamwork, creativity and innovation are important qualities to succeed at Evonik. We expect our employees to have the entrepreneurial drive to think beyond the status quo. This is how we respond to changes in the market and advance the development of innovative products.

- In what way does UNITECH (or the UAA) help with hiring talent?
UNITECH is one of the networks we are working with intensively. As co-founders we feel responsible to support the exchange of engineers and industry at an early stage and on an international level. UNITECH is known for bringing out the best young, highly skilled people: engagement, motivation, vision and team spirit - that´s all what we are looking for at Evonik! UNITECH is the perfect network to get in touch with people early on in their career with a technical background so that they can see the benefits of creating a future with us.

- How do you identify talent within your company and what initiatives help you develop/keep them?
We take our employer promise serious: "Exploring opportunities. Growing together." is more to us than just words and this pays off especially for young talent. Our Managers are all trained to identify and develop talent within their departments. We always give our people room to explore new ways and solutions. This is how we provide the firm foundation for personal and career development. Of course we are running several initiatives to offer further learning and developing for our employees. Often our talents take the opportunity to work in new teams, on new projects and in other countries. We keep things exciting. This is how we create a place with continuous energy for lifelong learning.

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