“Are Millennials the key to digital transformation?“ - UAA Symposium 2017 @ Amsterdam

12 Jun 2017 by Mireia Hernández Navarro

“Are Millennials the key to digital transformation?“ - UAA Symposium 2017 @ Amsterdam

Interesting perspectives on a crucial current topic in a strongly networked environment

“One of the largest generations (80 million globally) in history is reshaping the economy; their unique experiences are changing the ways we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come. What do millennials want? How can we surf the wave of digital transformation with them?”

To answer these crucial questions that are nowadays causing many question marks in companies, Freedom Lab in Amsterdam was chosen to be the place hosting the UAA Symposium 2017 the last weekend of March, titled “Are Millennials the key to digital transformation?”

The sessions started with Mike Overdijk (Founder, JAM Visual Thinking) and Celeste Go (Founder, The Ultimate Pitch). Very interesting, energizing and fun sessions where they taught us how to refresh the drawing memory to visualize thoughts and concepts, and the importance of passionately pitching ideas in order to engage people and investors.

The day went on with Aart Bontekoning (Generation-expert) who transferred us the importance of the synergies between generations in companies. Following, Anton Reindl (PM Vorwerk) and Patrick Kabasci (PM KEX, Unitech Alumnus), talked about how the millennials revolutionize the market needs in terms of product and knowledge, and how to quickly react to it.

Going on, Dieter Sator (SVP HR Hilti), gave everyone the key on how to engage Gen-Y inside companies maximizing the retention rate. The day ended with Andre Borouchaki (CTO Danfoss) and Manuel Opitz (CEO Mecuris), which brought the audience two different perspectives on how to innovate with and involve millennials in both corporate and startup environments.

As a whole, the day was perceived as highly inspiring and gave also the possibility to network and get to know each other.

"I am really impressed by the high quality of the symposium, especially the quality of speakers.” Unitech Alumnus 2002

“Interesting perspectives on a crucial current topic in a strongly networked environment” . Honorary UNITECH Alumnus

Some interesting statistics have proved once again how important it is to keep on pushing to bring back experienced and senior alumni. They, undoubtedly, can return value to the entire network:

  • 15% of participants are Alumni between year 2000 - 2005.
  • 57% of the participants are UNITECH Alumni
  • 35% of participants were at a UAA Symposium for the first time, while 65% had already been at least once
  • The main drivers behind the decision to join have been: network and to reunite with UNITECH friends

"Energising, fun and motivational”. Unitech Alumnus 2006

But UAA Symposium is not only about innovative ideas and interactive session. Check out our video teaser and look what you have missed; ça va sans dire that next year you cannot miss this fantastic opportunity to get the entire Unitech Alumni Association value in a weekend. If you want to check the whole programme details: click here

On the meantime, do not forget to keep yourself updated on our communication channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, e-mail) and on our UAA Public Folder, where we share with you all the relevant updates, decisions and actions of the UNITECH Alumni Association.

Mireia Hernandez on behalf of the UAA Council

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