Council Kick-Off Meeting in Köln (Germany)

09 Nov 2015 in The Network, Alumni by Mireia Hernández Navarro

Council Kick-Off Meeting in Köln (Germany)

"What a great start to an important year! The Corporate Partners and the new UNITECH board have started to put even more emphasis on the UAA. This was something the UAA Council has put a lot of work into for the last years. It was amazing how the UAA council, including two new members, takes on the challenge of being in focus." – Jan-Philipp: Vice-president

The UAA Council had the Kick-Off Meeting in Köln (Germany) the weekend of the 23-25th of October. This is the first time the new council members met after the GA, time in which they all draw the new strategy and the new projects to conduct along the year.

The UAA Council is in charge of the organization and logistics of the Symposium (held this year April 9-10th in Lisbon, Portugal), the content of it (speakers, activities, social event, and workshops), local events, the Mentoring Programme, overall communication to the network (AP, CP, Alumni and students) through the different platforms; Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Digest and Website, and the coordination and alignment of LCC’s and RG.

“Our receipt for a successful UAA year: UAA council team and LCCs highly committed and competent, UNITECH board with big focus on the Alumni Association, very clear understanding and vision of addressing the Alumni needs and fostering Alumni-CP interactions, ambitious projects to fulfill our vision, and very solid relationships with the CPs and the UNITECH office. I have a very strong feeling that we have all the ingredients ready and I can’t wait to see the results!” – Simone Grancini: President.

On Saturday, the Council had the opportunity to get first hand insights from Prashanti Sankaran (Alumni 2013), the main coordinator of the Mentoring programme who joined the meeting to share some good points about how the mentors/mentees are matching and working altogether.

The projects defined for this year have two focuses: addressing the Alumni needs (especially more experienced alumni, from whose input and experience the UAA can benefit greatly), and improve Alumni-CP interaction.

"What I liked most about the UAA Council Kick-Off was the team spirit that everyone has inside and has shown during the weekend, that added to the motivation and creativity brought into the new ideas are fundamental factors to achieve the goals throughout the year."- Daniele Simone: International Sessions Officer

Looking forward to a great year ahead!

On behalf of the UAA Council Mireia Hernández Navarro - International Communication Officer


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