The UAA Meets Caterpillar

06 Nov 2015 in The Network, Alumni by Sam Nunn

The UAA Meets Caterpillar

The 7th of October marked the first large event in Loughborough of the new academic year, ‘UAA meets Caterpillar’, with around 20 UNITECH students, alumni, and CP representatives in attendance. We hope this will be the first of many content-driven, CP focused events in the UK this year, particularly with such a passionate corporate supporter in Caterpillar.

The evening started with a short talk from Prof. Colin Garner of Loughborough University’s Wolfson School of Mechanical Engineering, about his work in collaboration with Loughborough on engine optimisation. This was followed by a lab tour where the attendees were able to witness some of Caterpillar’s research first hand, including optical analysis of engine fluid flow, and the world’s fastest spinning turbo.

After the tour came to its conclusion, the attendees were treated to a networking buffet where some extremely valuable new connections were made. All in all, a very positive evening, and a good indicator of things to come!

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