Welcome to the Career Interview 2019

Registration for Career Interviews is now closed

The Career Interviews Event will take place during the General Assembly/UAA Annual Reunion on Friday 6 September, 2019 (from 10:30 – 14:00) in ETH Zurich.

Candidates eligible to participate in the interview with the Corporate Partners are:

  • Programme Participants 2018 and earlier years
  • UNITECH Alumni

This event is an excellent opportunity for Programme Participants and Alumni to have a twenty minutes interview with some of the Corporate Partners (CPs). The process allows the CPs to hold up to seven interviews for each interviewer and the schedule will be optimized with the Career Interview Tool based on CPs and candidates preferences. Therefore, all candidates are encouraged to prepare their resumes carefully and to approach the CPs to show their interest.

The Career Interview Event is also an exceptional occasion for Programme Participants and Alumni to gain experience in the different steps of a recruitment process and for that reason candidates will have the possibility to define the preferences for all the Corporate Partners.

The CPs on the other hand will have the possibility to specify their preferences and to invite you for an interview in order to let you discover a wider range of positions available in their organisations.

During the registration period we encourage Candidates to proactively contact CP UNITECH Account Managers in order to show the interest in having an interview with their organisation and therefore to ask them to be included in their interview preferences.

registration closed


Corporate Partners
registration closed


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