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In Memoriam

Prof. Alessandro Brun

1973 - 2024

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the untimely passing of our Vice President, Professor Alessandro Brun. His inspiring energy and kindness will always be remembered. We will be forever grateful to Alessandro for being such a strong and positive contributor and supporter of UNITECH.Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends as well as his students and colleagues at Politecnico di Milano during this difficult time.His UNITECH colleagues, friends, students and people who were simply touched by his kind heart wanted to share the fondest memories of Alessandro. We welcome you to read them and spend a moment remembering his kind soul.

You are welcome to make a donation in Alessandro's name for the research centre of Ospedale San Raffaele, where Alessandro was a patient to support their research activities against cancer. More
information on

Dear Brun family,

My deepest condolences to your loss. Alessandro has been such a pillar in the UNITECH family over ten years. His contribution to our board meetings has been filled with optimistic, enjoyable, and sometimes highly surprising suggestions of solutions. He was a true gentleman with such a generous mind and exquisite sense for style, concerning, rhetorical, fashion, or to create the right environment for our students. In addition, outside the board meetings, in private discussions, I always learnt so exciting things from Alessandro. I will truly miss this great man.

Torbjörn Lundh
President of UNITECH

Dear Brun Family,

Alessandro made an enduring impact on our program over the last ten years as Vice President and Academic Program Director. I'll forever recall his kindness and active participation in Board meeting calls, along with his enthusiastic support for UNITECH.

In this challenging time, we extend our support and solidarity, committing to uphold his spirit and carry forward his legacy.

My sincerest condolences for this untimely loss.

Belinda Haas

CEO & Secretary General

UNITECH International

Dear Brun family,

I wanted to extend my most sincere and heartfelt condolences for your loss. I only had a few opportunities to interact with Alessandro yet he left a great impact on me. Alessandro was generous in sharing his insights and guidance with me, he spoke with passion and always kept the students at the heart of all our discussions and decisions. 

Alessandro had a unique light and energy about him that will continue to live through all the students, friends, colleagues and family members he inspired and cared for. 

My deepest sympathies, 

Sarah Shellaby


My fondest memories of Professor Brun are from UNITECH events, where his presence was a joy to behold. His witty remarks and positive attitude always lightened the mood and started our sessions on a high note. He knew how to catch people's attention and spark interest. He was a true storyteller, who was always ready to share his invaluable advice and insightful perspectives. I was not surprised to see that students eagerly sought out his company, relishing every moment of conversation. Though my interactions with Alessandro were brief, his warmth and kindness radiated effortlessly, leaving a lasting impression of his gentle spirit. May his legacy continue to inspire and his memory live on in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Zydrune Jaskauskaite


I was deeply saddened to hear of the illness and finally the passing of Alessandro Brun, we had worked together for many years as part of the UNITECH network.  We both had board positions at the same time and Alessandro’s commitment and passion to the students was always at the centre of all of his work.  When Alessandro was at a meeting, you knew it would be enjoyable, he was always relaxed and confident that a solution to anay problem could be found.  He was a genuine pleasure to work with and he will be sadly missed by all of us who had the pleasure to work with him.  I would like to again offer my sincere and heartfelt condolences to his loved ones and all who he left behind.

My deepest sympathies

David Kinsella

Buhler Group

Dear Alessandro family,

It was such a delight to get to meet your husband and dad.

He was a committed professional ready to play with and educate his students, always with fresh ideas and wide perspectives in life. He was a strong reference for many UNITECH students over a number of years, for those who were from “Polimi” and for those who had the pleasure to meet him during their exchange there.

He was also an important Board member, specially during the Covid pandemic. He was always positive, calm and bringing new and fresh ideas that helped us all look at life (and the problems we were dealing with at that particular time) differently. 

He carried himself so beautifully embodying a combination of personal style, business acumen, excellent communication and relational relational skills that was unique. 

His legacy is tightly connected to his life (you!!) and to those whom he touched. He will forever live in our hearts: yours, mine, corporate partners, clients, and in the hundreds - if not thousands - of students that he’s accompanied over decades.

May you continue to reach him through your hearts; he will for sure be proud to see you growing and flourishing. 

With Love from Barcelona,

Marta Chicano

UNITECH Alumna 2001

Alla famiglia Brun,

Non ho avuto l'opportunità di conoscere personalmente il Prof. Alessandro, ma ho seguito il suo account instagram e lo conosco attraverso molti dei miei amici più stretti.

Ricordo un post su Instagram del Prof. Alessandro di qualche anno fa. C'era una foto di lui e di suo figlio piccolo e nella didascalia scriveva. "Presto sarà lui a sostenere me". Era commovente vedere quanto amasse la sua famiglia.

Anche se non è più tra noi, la sua eredità rimane perché ha toccato molte persone con la sua anima gentile.

Vi porgo le mie più sentite condoglianze e preghiere.

Con molto affetto,

Affaf Junaid Momin

UNITECH Alumnus 2020

Dear Brun Family

I would like to express my deepest sympathies for your loss. Alessandro was a highly valued member of our UNITECH Community, and he will be greatly missed by students, Alumni and all members of our community that he worked with. 

I personally always enjoyed his company and I will miss his positive personality and interesting stories. 

My deepest sympathies,  

Jay O’Nien, and on behalf of the UNITECH Alumni Association Council

UNITECH Alumnus 2016

Dear family of Alessandro,

I am shocked to hear from this tragedy. My deepest condolences. Alessandro was a great partner in the board of Unitech. I enjoyed listening to him and was always impressed by his positive mindset. I will miss Alessandro a lot.

Dieter Sator

Former UNITECH board member

Carissima famiglia Brun,

da un Alunno del programma UNITECH - vi invio le mie più sentite condoglianze.

Il caro Alessandro continua a guidarci con il suo esempio di dedizione e tenacia, rimarrà indelebilmente nei nostri cuori.

Un caloroso abbraccio a tutti voi!

Andrea Loi

UNITECH Alumnus 2014

I had the the great pleasure and honour of working closely with Alessandro for several years. He was a dear friend and a warm and generous Unitech colleague. Whether looking after the needs of our students or guiding the development of Unitech at Board level, Alessandro always brought tremendous wisdom and sympathy to his role. I will remember his kindness and friendship and miss his warm personality.  My deepest sympathies to Alessandro’s family on their loss.

Professor Brian Broderick

Trinity College Dublin APD 2011-21

Dearest Family Brun,

I was shaken when I learnt about Professor Brun’s passing, and I feel deeply sorry for your loss. I’ve known Alessandro as a very inspiring, energetic, and enthusiastic person, filled with great ideas and ambition. We worked together on the Board of UNITECH International during my 4.5-year tenure as President of the UNITECH Alumni Association. Alessandro was frequently on the road, so he would often connect to the Board Meeting Zoom Call from the car and actively contribute to the discussions and ideas, despite the sometimes-unreliable internet connection. A few years ago, we met at Polimi for lunch where he passionately shared his plan to launch a new Master’s Program in ultraluxury fashion & goods, bringing students from Dubai, China and other overseas areas to tour Italy and the rest of Europe. He soon brought his vision to life, which was yet another testimony of his drive and passion. I can only imagine the impact his departure has left on the family and would like to send you my sincerest condolences.

Wishing you all the strength and prayers in this difficult period,

Angela Go

UNITECH Alumni Association President 2019-2023

Dear Family Brun,

During our joint involvement in various UNITECH events over the past years, I have had the privilege of working with Alessandro, both directly and indirectly. His ingenuity, resourcefulness and passion have left a lasting impression not only on me. I will remember Alessandro because he enriched UNITECH both intellectually and personally. He was always open to dialogue, both on a professional and personal level.

Please allow me to express my deepest sympathy and condolences.

Benjamin Pietsch

Local Office Coordinator at RWTH Aachen

I met professor Alessandro Brun during my studies at the master of science in Mechanical Engineering at Polimi. His lectures on design management of production systems have been my primary inspiration to complete the studies and specialize in my current job. His lectures always had something more, the passion and dedication he brought have been a true example and source of motivation for me. It was always a "show", you could never get bored!!

I also completed my master thesis with Prof. Brun during which he was always very pragmatic and supportive in achieving the goal of graduating and starting my work life at best.

What I achieved until now is also thanks to his encounter and thanks to his passion, which he could transmit daily to many students and colleagues. 

Thank you Prof. Brun, a father, a prof. a great person . Good luck with your new journey. You have been an example for me.

Alessandro Simeoni

UNITECH Alumnus 2019

Dear family of Alessandro, loved ones, and friends,

I was deeply shocked when I received the tragic news that Alessandro lost his battel.

He was an inspiring person, and I greatly valued our time working together at UNITECH. Alessandro was someone who always brought in new perspectives and had great stories to tell. Being around him during coffee breaks, lunches, or dinners it wasnever boring. I’m thankful to Alessandro’s long-lasting dedication for UNITECH and it's students, serving as VP AP, and for the kind companionship and conversations during numerous events and meetings.

My deepest condolences go to his family, loved ones, and friends, who have lost a wonderful person.

Julia Wussler

ETH Zurich

On behalf of Georg Fischer, we would like to express our heartfelt condolences and wish the family much strength and energy in this difficult time. We would like to thank Alessandro for everything he has done for UNITECH and its student activities.

In silent sympathy.

Lukas Schoenwetter

Georg Fischer

Dear Brun family,


I want to convey my hearfelt condolences to you great loss. Alessandro and I have had the same role as UNITECH academic program directors for our universities for over ten years. For three years we served on the UNITECH board together. There I had the privilege be the acting president jointly with Alessandro for a year. Alessandro had a keen eye for what was the more important issue at hand and he often came up with unexpected suggestions. He was able to bridge the gap between the academic and the corporate perspectives which is crucial in an organization like this one.  Away from the business side he had such a range of passions and felt like a true renaissance man to me. It was always a pleasure to talk with him.  He will be sorely missed by me and many others in the UNITECH community.


Lena Peterson

Academic Program Director 

Chalmers University of Technology

Dear Brun Family,

this are very sad news that took me by surprise and hit me hard last week. I´m still kind of speechless. I didn't really know Allessandro that well, but he was always part of UNITECH. I will especially remember his super motivating and lively moderation at one of the last GAs. I think with his strong character and personality he is a big loss for UNITECH and all of us!

Robert Mosdzien


Alessandro was always smiling and full energy, strongly engaged with the programme and the students. We will miss him.

I remember his inspiring session at UAA symposium 2019 where he presented his business adventure ( )

Pierpaolo Molteni

Evonik & UNITECH Alumnus 2011

From the very first to the last day we met, Alessandro's passion for training and developing the next generation was inspiring. He will truly be missed in our midst, and now it is our duty and honor to preserve and carry on this spirit.

Stephan Artmann


I was deeply saddened to hear about Alessandro's passing. He was not only a dedicated and remarkable professor but also an active and caring member of the UNITECH community. His commitment, valuable insights, and kind availability will always be remembered. Please accept my sincere condolences, and may his family find comfort during this difficult time.

Simone Grancini

UNITECH Alumnus 2010

Alessandro was a person with light in his sight and with strength in his heart. He was a great orator, who always engaged the audience, with his always interesting contributions. It was indeed a pleasure and an honour to have his collaboration in this multidimensional context that requires the many skills he had. His early departure saddens us, and his presence will be extremely missed. However, his encouragement, passion and lessons will always stay with us.


Una abraçada Alessandro, que la terra et sigui lleu.

Joaquim Minguella-Canela
APD UPC, Unitech AP VP
UNITECH Alumnus 2004

We knew Alessandro for about 10 years, and it is with a deep emotion that we face his loss.
We, Damien and Thalia, have nearly the same age and it is so hard to imagine that he already disappeared.

Beyond the 1st image he gave of himself, cheerful and friendly, (which made him really endearing), what we remember about him is what he did with the students, and FOR his students. He seemed to be driven by his relationship with them, and everything that could help them develop their abilities, skills and self-fulfillment. He really had this inside of him, and it was very precious.

This is one of the pillars that helped on the UNITECH recent developments, the energy and time he gave us all.

Now, we would like, more than other, to remember his bubbly side, and the joyful energy that animated him.

Kind memories from INSA Lyon's colleagues and friends,


Thalia Darnanville and Damien Fabregue

Alessandro touched the hearts and shaped the lifes of many students and peers. He will be missed dearly, but will stay in our hearts and memories. 

Sandra Lutz

Board Member UNITECH

Dear Family Brun,


I would like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences for your loss.

Alessandro has been an exceptional person, leading and encouraging all of us with passion, enthusiasm and neverending stamina for the UNITECH students and the UNITECH purpose.

It has been a privilege to accompany Alessandro in recent years and we are grateful for the time we could learn from and listen to him.

He will remain in our memories and hearts.


Axel Kobus

Board member of UNITECH, Evonik

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