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Hi, I am Juan!

I am a nature and animals enthusiast and besides, I really enjoy driving and fixing motorcycles and cars. I did my bachelors degree in industrial engineering, which is basically a mix between electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering, in my hometown, Pamplona. Later on I moved to Barcelona where I started my masters in industrial engineering, where I had the possibility to join this awesome program!

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Are you currently doing an internship? If yes, please share the name of the company and your role

After doing my exchange at ETH Zürich, I’m currently doing an internship at Bühler AG as a Process Engineer. It is very demanding, but I am really enjoying it! We are developing a feedback loop for the feed industry. 

What attracted you to apply to the UNITECH programme?

Everything, starting from a one year length project, getting to know a lot of energetic and ambitious students all  around Europe, getting access to amazing corporate partners… And of course the three weeks of coexistence with the other students, whom I can call friends now.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the UNITECH programme, and how has the programme helped prepare you for the next steps in your career?

I will always keep the people I have met in the program, both students and the ones organizing it and making it possible. This programme makes you take one step further, have different insights about everyday things, and for sure, makes you reflect.

What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned in your career so far?

I have learned that most of the times, things end up working by building up on top of the previous trials, which are usually failed attempts. Solutions are not usually achieved with one try. 

What are some of the biggest trends you see in your industry, and how are you preparing for them?

I have noticed that nowadays, most of the people working at any technologic department, require outstanding computer skills and most of the times programming comes very handy. Every time I can try to solve a problem in a more modern way, I try to do it and learn from it.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Don’t be afraid to fail. We are still young and lack experience, but the times you fail you really get to learn from it. I would also recommend being curious and to never stop learning.

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