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Hi, I am Sara,

I grew up and live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have a bachelor’s in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology. During my two-year master studies, I had courses covering wireless, photonics,
and space engineering. My first role after graduation was as a microwave
engineer where I designed circuits for radar products. Today, I work in the same company as a project manager.

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What attracted you to apply to the UNITECH programme?

I applied to the UNITECH programme because I wanted to further my leadership skills and meet like-minded students from other European universities. I was also interested in experiencing both studying and working abroad.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the UNITECH programme so far and how has the programme helped prepare you for the next steps in your career?

The different modules that were arranged during the UNITECH year was something I very much enjoyed. UNITECH is also what inspired me to do an internship abroad. This I am highly thankful for.

Tell us more about your Academic Exchange? Where was your academic exchange? What did you enjoy the most? Which subjects were the most challenging or interesting?

I went to Loughborough University for my exchange. I got to meet great people and enjoyed new sports like roller hockey. I found the courses Manufacturing Automation & Control and Systems Engineering Applications Theory especially interesting.

Where was your internship? Were there any challenges that you faced? How did you overcome them?

I did my internship with the Gallium Nitride R&D technology group at Infineon in Villach, Austria. I had a fantastic time. The surrounding nature was beautiful and the job itself was very rewarding. During a short-term job, it can be a challenge to feel like you contribute, especially in the beginning. I found that the best strategy for me was to ask many questions at the start and slowly gain more

What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned in your career so far?

- Talking to relatives, friends, and even your manager about your career vision could help you get there. 

- Try to find a role that truly suits you: where you think you can do your best and make the most of your skills.
- Having a mentor that understands your goals can make for good support.

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